Alyson Titkemeyer

Alyson Titkemeyer started her career working on film production in the camera department. She has also worked extensively in TV News as a photojournalist and multimedia journalist. She graduated with a B.A. in Documentary studies from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design back when the school was called The College of Santa Fe. Now she teachers video production and film at a public school in Arizona. 

Weird Haircuts and Bad attitudes

Weird Haircuts and Bad attitudes is a new script by Alyson Titkemeyer. The experiences of Three generations of AFAB queer people collide at a small town high school in this LGBTQ coming of age story. 

WEIRD HAIRCUTS AND BAD ATTITUDES is an ambitious and empowering piece of dramatic work. It’s a cathartic dissection of queer identity told through the lens of three generations of characters. The author uses an ensemble cast to tell an emotionally resonant and grounded story about a wide range of LGBTQ topics. It’s a unique and brave vision that will undoubtably connect with underserved audiences across the country if produced. - SCREENCRAFT READER 

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