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Alyson Titkemeyer is a gay southern screenwriter. She is a 2019 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Semifinalist for "Weird Haircuts and Bad Attitudes." She started her career as a cable wrangler, 2nd Assistant Camera operator and Location Manger. Though Alyson works in Phoenix, AZ as a TV Production teacher, her heart is in the south where she grew up. Her outsider perspective comes from the duality of being a queer person raised in the bible belt. This upbringing makes for an interesting perspective on The United Methodist Church’s recent decisions to continue to disavow gay members. This is the subject of her newest script “The Traditional Plan.”

Weird Haircuts and Bad Attitudes awarded 2019 Semifinalist in Drama screenplay competition.  


Cell: (512) 417-9005

Twitter: Alysontt